#IfikieWazazi proves double standards in our society



A few months after Mike Sonko became the governor of Nairobi. He allowed Kenyans to take pictures in Nairobi without anyone questioning their intentions. This was although followed by different Opinions. Some Kenyans supported the move but others had different feelings.

Those who agreed with the governor based their arguments of promoting and showcasing the city. Which in my opinion I fully support. On the other hand, those who opposed the move based their on Terrorism. Both of this reasons can be debatable but what everyone forgot to talk about was something no one expected to be an issue – especially in Nairobi.

Well I am not here to act all saint but I also believe in fairness when it comes to how our society sees things. A few days ago the hashtag #IfikieWazazi was trending for more than 48 hours. This was after someone started it because of what has been happening during photoshoots in the CBD of Nairobi.

Some photos have been going around of young men and women posing in racy photoshoots and therefore #KOT decided to do what they do best. ROASTIN!! Over 3000 tweets were sent through the hashtag some mocking the occurances while others had no problems with the photoshoots. This is what democracy is all about and I am proud to see that we are growing as a country.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Who is really to blame?

As Ben Kitili had put it. Who is to blame for this? The answer for this would be no one but whoever came up with the hashtag. The movement was not started to empower this youthful kenyans but was meant to shame and make anyone with a camera look bad.

Whatever was being done on this photos has nothing to do with the photographers or the children’s parents or the government. People who retweeted and tweeted about this issue acted as if their lives are as white as milk.

The society is changing rapidly and we need to embrace it. Most Kenyans are hypocrites when it comes to the issue of nudity and morals. Kenyans tend to base their ‘righteousness’ on religion just to make their case. But the truth is we are Africans and nudity is embroiled deep down our DNA.

Instead of having double standards about this kids, we should at least try to inform and educate them on the importance of self respect. This young men and women did nothing wrong in their eyes.

Even if you fikisha kwa wazazi that won’t make a difference  The least a parent can do is scolding but it will change nothing. Nudity and sex is everywhere nowadays so once they step out they will still be exposed. Exposed from the internet, friends and even society itself.

I just hope we can do better as a society and become aware of the changing trends. We should at least deal with this ‘problem’ like how we treated My dress my choice situation.

Neuer Anfang! German embassy of Nairobi has a new website

Neuer Anfang!

When you visit the new and improved website of the Federal Office of German you now see three beautiful pictures of a Somali girl, a matatu in Mombasa and a Turtle in sandy beach of  the Seychelles. The picture is a representation of the 3 countries the consulate will  continue to serving.

Image source: German Embassy Website

The new website comes weeks after Germany got its new Foreign Federal Minister Heiko Maas. The 51 year old took office in 14 March, 2018 and will serve in the fourth cabinet of Angela Merkel who is serving her  fourth term as the Chancellor for the  european nation. Users of the new website will now be able to read and be updated about the Federal Minister through the blog section and also will be able to get exclusive news and updates about Germany.

The new website is crisp and clear to read just like the Federal Office website of Germany . The Nairobi office will continue to serve as the headquarters of  the other honorary consulate in Seychelles which has limited responsibilities. .The embassy will rename itself to German mission to Kenya, somalia and the seychelles from the original name Embassy of the Federal of German-Nairobi

Mrs. Jutta Frasch is the German Ambassador to Kenya since 2015. She was born in Bremen, 24 March, 1957

The new website will still be the official source of information for those who need services regarding Visa and any other consulate services.

More secured

The website will now see  user have quicker access to important links such as the official German website,  and corruption preventing portal   which is headed by Mr. Markus Bollmohr . The new website comes after the old website which has been  the official source of information since the beginning. The new website is more secured with Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure (HTTPS) which means it is more secure and safe to use as communications between users browser and the website is encrypted with privacy features. The consulate is yet to confirm whether visa payment will soon be paid online.

German beer company joins Kenyan market

Warsteiner beer is brewed in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park outside of Warstein, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

German and Kenya have all along been partners with shared business connections between the two counties. Making Kenya the most important business partner in East Africa. The recent german company to join Kenyan markets is Warsteiner- a premium german beer manufacturing company. Warsteiner has signed a deal with a local based distributor in Kenya, Maxama in a deal which will see creation of employment to the locals.








Has Miguna Miguna been right all along about the tyranny of Kenyan government?

Miguna Miguna during the 'swearing in' of Raila Odinga as the 'People's president' earlier.

Was the government of Kenya right to deport Miguna?

Will the Kenyan government ever respect the Supreme Court?

The name Miguna Miguna is a household name all over Kenya by now. Either you love him or hate him, he is in everyone’s lips right now. ‘The General‘- as he calls himself has been openly criticizing the current Jubilee government especially president Uhuru and his vice President William Ruto whom he calls them ‘The despicable duo’

Miguna Miguna who in 2016 general election run for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat but lost to the now governor Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi, has been louder even after. He has also termed governor ‘Sonko’ as a failure and has no good intentions to run the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.

It has been although due to his open critisism that saw him being striped off his passport and later deported to Canada where he holds a Citizenship as well. The government later issued a statement regarding the deportation of the ‘General’ citing that he acquired the citizenship illegal because during the time Kenya had not allowed it’s citizens to hold dual citizenship. Kenya allowed dual citizenship in 2010 after the passing of the new constitution in the same year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice president Samuel Ruto

The government of Kenya under the authority of Fred Matiangi as the CS of internal security forcefully took away Miguna Miguna from his home and dragged him the into next ‘available flight’ at the time.  There was so many mixed reactions in all over the country. Some supporters criticized and termed the deportation as unconstitutional but the the government of Kenya stood firm  until the Supreme court intervened the issue after it found Miguna innocent and order that his passport to be handed back to him and his citizenship be validated again. But wait. This is where the Drama starts.

Even after the supreme court orders the return Miguna in the country- a country of his birth, the government actually refused him to enter. Which begs the question, is the government above the constitution? Will the serving government actually ever respect the rule of law and the supreme court of Kenya?

First of all let me be clear that I am NOT a supporter of Miguna’s but am I a supporter of the rule of law? Yes! I believe that each one of us should respect the powers given to the supreme court through the constitution. It is inexcusable for the government not to respect the law. The fact that the government can fail to respect the rule of law proves that Miguna was right about them all along.

The government is of tyranny and unjust to deny her citizen the right of entry in to the country just because of his or her political affiliations. The government should be in the frontline to protect its citizens and citizens of the world. The treatment that Miguna received whilst at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport is an indication that we can not trust the government to protect and be fair to all.

The treatment was unlawful and should not have happened on Kenyan soil. No matter the nationality of the person involved.

My opinion.

I think Cambridge Analytica did nothing wrong…

You’ve probably heard this story over and over again,  story about Cambridge Analytica; a firm whose main mission was to help presidential candidates and political parties win elections until when Trump won and it became something different. They are now accused of interfering with the US presidential elections. Wasn’t that Russia a few months ago?  What changed?

Cambridge analytica has had really tough times since the expose by Channel4; a british TV broadcasting channel which aired a story on the issue of Cambridge Analytica using data that is said to have been extracted from over 50 million Facebook users. The data is said to have been used to rig in president Donald.J.Trump during the 2016 presidential elections or in other terms it was againsts the american election laws. Elections which saw Trump winning over Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest political upset in the US and perhaps in the whole world.

Cambridge Analytica

Well, a lot has been said about  Cambridge Analytica. From using  data from Facebook which lead C.E.O and Founder Mark Zuckerberg to buy a whole page, a whole!! – in major National newspapers in the US to say ‘SORRY’- time has changed my friends! Who would have thought that Facebook will one day buy advertisement from a newspaper? I guess it was worth it.

Was it really Cambridge Analytica fault?

In my opinion; I think we should not be quick to point fingers and blame Cambridge Analytica. As a matter of fact we should thank Cambridge Analytica. It is due to this them being ‘exposed’ that we have learnt a very big lesson regarding our data. Data protection in regards to the multi billion company; Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has always been a liar and dishonest about user data on facebook but we all gave it a blind eye for the sake of  ‘connecting the world’

Mark Zukerberg in one of Facebook’s Spaces

From the beginning of time, Facebook was born after over 5000 pictures and information was stolen from HARVARD school in 2003 by none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Imagine that, Facebook was built on stolen data and you expect him to protect it? The Facebook founder knows the importance of data and how it can be used to promote an agenda based on the data itself about people.

To give you a perspective; the other day I was having salad and the next minute?…. ADS of health and fitness was a lover my timeline. Coincidence? I think not!! And to be clear i was having the salad so that I can have pizza for dinner.

US 2016 elections.

Anyway, our data has always been used. By both Facebook, Google or Cambridge Analytica. Just because the data was used to help a candidate which you did not want to win the election doesn’t make it different. Let’s ask, if the data was used by Hillary Clinton would there have been all this mess? Mark Zuckerberg has been openly criticizing Donald Trump and he is also a hundred percent Hillary clinton supporter but we give a blind eye to this idea? Come on guys.

Cambridge Analytica did exactly what any other political party would have done if given the resources.  I have all the reasons to believe that it’s Facebook fault and not Cambridge Analytica.


Why you should ALWAYS clean your DSLR sensor.

Clean lense means clean job.

We all know how expensive our equipment cost,right? well, at least for me. Most people tend to forget about how important this cameras and lenses cost or rather will cost if they happen to either mistreat them or just deteriorate from poor maintenance that can always be avoided through regular cleaning all together.

I am pretty good at keeping my equipment clean…. Peter Mckinnon

Being a photographer in a 3rd world country

As an African Photographer it is very religious to make sure that I clean my camera equipment due to the climate of the sub-saharan climate which is windy and dusty. My Camera and most importantly my Nikon lense happen to be very dusty most of the  time due to these harsh climates and that’s why I recommend it’s very important for every photographer to rethink about cleaning their lenses regularly.

I don’t have a very expensive lenses; don’t get me wrong! It’s just that my camera happens to be my source of livelihood and to be honest I can’t afford to lose it especially from having dusty lenses which is something that will take about five minutes of my life. I can’t lose my livelihood from  that? I am not that person!

To help myself understand more about this major problem that most of us photographers tend to ignore, I decided to go online and find out what most ‘BIG’ photographers think of this topic and to  my luck I came across one Canadian Youtuber who from that point happened to be my favorite photographers and Youtuber. On one of his videos, he clearly explained why it’s important to clean your DSLR lenses and I couldn’t agree more. Peter Mckinnon explained that he has had always not thought that his cameras could be any ‘FILTHIER’ than what he considered to be slight dust from his daily shooting in Canada but that all changed when he visited Kenya.

Peter Mckinnon

In Kenya, Peter Mckinnon noticed that his equipment were more  dusty than what he has always known. Welcome to Africa Pete! He said that his equipment was filled with dust and that’s when Peter appreciated MAX whose camera had  been ‘Filthy’ from his long stays in Kenya. Peter had to learn the hard way. Who said ‘Hakuna Matata’ in Africa?

This didn’t Make Pete stop cleaning his lenses though. It’s also very important for all other Photographers; big or small to it important to take care of our lenses and equipment because this is our ‘guns’ and we should always shoot to protect our careers.

You can watch the video below that Peter Mckinnon shared 🙂