I think Cambridge Analytica did nothing wrong…

You’ve probably heard this story over and over again,  story about Cambridge Analytica; a firm whose main mission was to help presidential candidates and political parties win elections until when Trump won and it became something different. They are now accused of interfering with the US presidential elections. Wasn’t that Russia a few months ago?  What changed?

Cambridge analytica has had really tough times since the expose by Channel4; a british TV broadcasting channel which aired a story on the issue of Cambridge Analytica using data that is said to have been extracted from over 50 million Facebook users. The data is said to have been used to rig in president Donald.J.Trump during the 2016 presidential elections or in other terms it was againsts the american election laws. Elections which saw Trump winning over Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest political upset in the US and perhaps in the whole world.

Cambridge Analytica

Well, a lot has been said about  Cambridge Analytica. From using  data from Facebook which lead C.E.O and Founder Mark Zuckerberg to buy a whole page, a whole!! – in major National newspapers in the US to say ‘SORRY’- time has changed my friends! Who would have thought that Facebook will one day buy advertisement from a newspaper? I guess it was worth it.

Was it really Cambridge Analytica fault?

In my opinion; I think we should not be quick to point fingers and blame Cambridge Analytica. As a matter of fact we should thank Cambridge Analytica. It is due to this them being ‘exposed’ that we have learnt a very big lesson regarding our data. Data protection in regards to the multi billion company; Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has always been a liar and dishonest about user data on facebook but we all gave it a blind eye for the sake of  ‘connecting the world’

Mark Zukerberg in one of Facebook’s Spaces

From the beginning of time, Facebook was born after over 5000 pictures and information was stolen from HARVARD school in 2003 by none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Imagine that, Facebook was built on stolen data and you expect him to protect it? The Facebook founder knows the importance of data and how it can be used to promote an agenda based on the data itself about people.

To give you a perspective; the other day I was having salad and the next minute?…. ADS of health and fitness was a lover my timeline. Coincidence? I think not!! And to be clear i was having the salad so that I can have pizza for dinner.

US 2016 elections.

Anyway, our data has always been used. By both Facebook, Google or Cambridge Analytica. Just because the data was used to help a candidate which you did not want to win the election doesn’t make it different. Let’s ask, if the data was used by Hillary Clinton would there have been all this mess? Mark Zuckerberg has been openly criticizing Donald Trump and he is also a hundred percent Hillary clinton supporter but we give a blind eye to this idea? Come on guys.

Cambridge Analytica did exactly what any other political party would have done if given the resources.  I have all the reasons to believe that it’s Facebook fault and not Cambridge Analytica.