Neuer Anfang! German embassy of Nairobi has a new website

Neuer Anfang!

When you visit the new and improved website of the Federal Office of German you now see three beautiful pictures of a Somali girl, a matatu in Mombasa and a Turtle in sandy beach of  the Seychelles. The picture is a representation of the 3 countries the consulate will  continue to serving.

Image source: German Embassy Website

The new website comes weeks after Germany got its new Foreign Federal Minister Heiko Maas. The 51 year old took office in 14 March, 2018 and will serve in the fourth cabinet of Angela Merkel who is serving her  fourth term as the Chancellor for the  european nation. Users of the new website will now be able to read and be updated about the Federal Minister through the blog section and also will be able to get exclusive news and updates about Germany.

The new website is crisp and clear to read just like the Federal Office website of Germany . The Nairobi office will continue to serve as the headquarters of  the other honorary consulate in Seychelles which has limited responsibilities. .The embassy will rename itself to German mission to Kenya, somalia and the seychelles from the original name Embassy of the Federal of German-Nairobi

Mrs. Jutta Frasch is the German Ambassador to Kenya since 2015. She was born in Bremen, 24 March, 1957

The new website will still be the official source of information for those who need services regarding Visa and any other consulate services.

More secured

The website will now see  user have quicker access to important links such as the official German website,  and corruption preventing portal   which is headed by Mr. Markus Bollmohr . The new website comes after the old website which has been  the official source of information since the beginning. The new website is more secured with Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure (HTTPS) which means it is more secure and safe to use as communications between users browser and the website is encrypted with privacy features. The consulate is yet to confirm whether visa payment will soon be paid online.

German beer company joins Kenyan market

Warsteiner beer is brewed in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park outside of Warstein, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

German and Kenya have all along been partners with shared business connections between the two counties. Making Kenya the most important business partner in East Africa. The recent german company to join Kenyan markets is Warsteiner- a premium german beer manufacturing company. Warsteiner has signed a deal with a local based distributor in Kenya, Maxama in a deal which will see creation of employment to the locals.