KIDAULTHOOD: Dear Kenya Students, You will not be what you want..

We all once wanted to be doctors.

Schools- especially High school was one of the few places I started to realise that no one really cares about me and my dreams apart from my Mum and ‘maybe’ my Father.

I went to a private owned school in Mombasa,Kenya from 2008 until 2011. It is during this time that I really learnt whatever we were told is nothing but lies. Teachers who are paid-if they get paid anyway;  are expected to teach innocent children like myself how to be good and obedient citizens after the four years in respective schools. They happened to be the ones who actually spread this lies like a wildfire a plainland.

Lies that a Kenyan student can be whoever they want to be. Really?? Is that really the case? Did the teachers all wanted to be teachers at some point? or some wanted to be doctors? They should at least have had the balls to tell us what our society really is. Anyway, I was  naive and to be honest I fell for this ‘Biblical lie!’ But it’s all good. I forgave them.

It is after high school and at the end of my college years that all this made sense. The lies that each one of us can be ‘whoever’ they wanted to be is a total blasphemy and I believe it should never be told to children in schools – especially schools in Kenya.

Let’s all be real for a moment-do you really believe that over 200 children in that School will all be doctors and engineers?? The least I could see from some of the guys I went to school with was one owning a playstation kiosk in the village where all the rest will kill time everyday for the rest of their lives. And please don’t get me wrong; this guys were brilliant in school but the reality is that having good graded won’t make you the scientist you really want to be -If we actually have any scientists in Kenya that is.

The truth is that not everyone is made of fine cloth. Some people are made of ‘MAKONGE’ but we still insist that he or she can be successful and rich? Hell no! It’s all a lie. Our system is all rigged. Starting from the nervous system down to work and employment. And if it takes you to complete high to realise that then I think it’s safe to say you are F@##ED!

I came to realise that the system was not built to make me whoever I want to be but be the person to help the society move forward; A car has a steering wheel and a mud-guard my friend. So which one will the society let you be?

While I was still in Primary school I really wanted to be an Engineer then I got to Form one and changed to be a “Businessman’- as if I knew what type of business I wanted to run.Well, I got to form three and that is when I totally wanted to be in the Military. I wanted to be in the military not because I love my country sooo much but because I knew that’s where I can take my D+ and still have a life. Sounds familiar? This too never happened after two attempts  of  running and rigorous fitness checks. That’s when I decided to settle for that ‘IT’ guy.

I started working in ICT, something that I never wanted to do and never thought of its importance anywhere in my miserable life, but that’s what the society gave me.

Maybe you did well in High school and got that A or A minus and now it’s time to go to that ka public University, let me save you the surprise. There is something called University Placement Board which basically places students to various Uni courses ‘accordingly‘ This is usually the second barrier in that dream of each Kenyan student. This guys can place you or give you a course which you don’t have any interest on whatsoever. But,hey! You are Kenyan remember? It always comes down to who you are as a person to get what you deserve and want. Now pay that guy his ‘TEA’

Even after you get that hard fought education from University or college. You will then end up in the streets of Kenya towns trying to find that job you’ve really wanted only to find out ‘ that there are no open vacancies. So you end up doing whatever they give you just to put something in your pocket. Welcome to ‘KIDAULTHOOD’

That’s when you really know that you will not always be what you want to be. And all that you heard from your teachers in school was a piss of S#@T.