#IfikieWazazi proves double standards in our society



A few months after Mike Sonko became the governor of Nairobi. He allowed Kenyans to take pictures in Nairobi without anyone questioning their intentions. This was although followed by different Opinions. Some Kenyans supported the move but others had different feelings.

Those who agreed with the governor based their arguments of promoting and showcasing the city. Which in my opinion I fully support. On the other hand, those who opposed the move based their on Terrorism. Both of this reasons can be debatable but what everyone forgot to talk about was something no one expected to be an issue – especially in Nairobi.

Well I am not here to act all saint but I also believe in fairness when it comes to how our society sees things. A few days ago the hashtag #IfikieWazazi was trending for more than 48 hours. This was after someone started it because of what has been happening during photoshoots in the CBD of Nairobi.

Some photos have been going around of young men and women posing in racy photoshoots and therefore #KOT decided to do what they do best. ROASTIN!! Over 3000 tweets were sent through the hashtag some mocking the occurances while others had no problems with the photoshoots. This is what democracy is all about and I am proud to see that we are growing as a country.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Who is really to blame?

As Ben Kitili had put it. Who is to blame for this? The answer for this would be no one but whoever came up with the hashtag. The movement was not started to empower this youthful kenyans but was meant to shame and make anyone with a camera look bad.

Whatever was being done on this photos has nothing to do with the photographers or the children’s parents or the government. People who retweeted and tweeted about this issue acted as if their lives are as white as milk.

The society is changing rapidly and we need to embrace it. Most Kenyans are hypocrites when it comes to the issue of nudity and morals. Kenyans tend to base their ‘righteousness’ on religion just to make their case. But the truth is we are Africans and nudity is embroiled deep down our DNA.

Instead of having double standards about this kids, we should at least try to inform and educate them on the importance of self respect. This young men and women did nothing wrong in their eyes.

Even if you fikisha kwa wazazi that won’t make a difference  The least a parent can do is scolding but it will change nothing. Nudity and sex is everywhere nowadays so once they step out they will still be exposed. Exposed from the internet, friends and even society itself.

I just hope we can do better as a society and become aware of the changing trends. We should at least deal with this ‘problem’ like how we treated My dress my choice situation.

If you are a Photographer in Kenya you are in DANGER. This is not a DRILL

He poses as as an employee of a fake EU NGO or a camera buyer. Police are looking for him.

Cameras Theft!!

As a photographer we are seamlessly seeking for gigs and opportunities in every corner  just to make it possible to get our daily livelihood. We tend to pick up any call that comes our way hoping it to be better than the last ; The one where we worked over 8 hours only not to be paid for our services. Been there,done that!

We also tend to work really hard not only to feed our empty stomachs in this third world economy,but because we love the art of photography. Even in the midst of all the challenges , we tend to have one thing that has always been our bloodline in the photography business. I mean, if you don’t have a camera then you are not a photographer,right? Well, the same can be said about owning a camera. You can own a camera but that doesn’t make you a photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you own a camera for professional services or even for personal use. we all want safety. Safety for our equipment and our health.

Well, there seems to be a new challenge to achieve all this my friend. A couple of weeks ago, over 3 photographers have been robbed their equipment by a notorious group pretending to seek services from photographers. Esther Wanjiru was the latest victim to this gang who pretend to work for an EU organisation. He has managed to do all this through his sleek moves masquerading as a client seeking to hire photography equipments but later he and his partner in crime flashe a gun on your face and  get away with all your hard earned equipment. The matter has been reported to the police and they are looking for the gang. Let’s just hope the police don’t let us down.

This was confirmed even by Boniface Mwangi through his twitter:

Tools which are part of your life. The ones you’ve worked hard and acquired.

I ask my fellow Photographers to watch out for this and be careful and vigilant whenever something like this ever happens to one of us. We should be careful whenever dealing with people we  don’t know well and even bring a friend if possible when meeting someone you really don’t know. This way we can save our livelihoods and keep on doing what we love and that is photography.