Twitter to open account verification to everyone.

Twitter wants to verify everyone

A symbol of  status quo.

Twitter introduced the ‘fancy’ blue check mark in 2009 in order to sort out high profile individuals such as sportspersons, Journalist, Politicians and anyone with a higher notability than an ordinary person in their respective field. But in the recent years, the check mark  has been a symbol of status quo to most of the bearers but Twitter maintains it’s not.

Is twitter verification brocken?

In his recent periscope live broadcast, the C.E.O of the giant social network Jack Dorsey, admitted that the verification process is broken and the company is trying to make it open to the public. Which means anyone who has verified their phone number or email will soon get a check mark on their names.

“The intention is to open verification to everyone,” Dorsey said. “And to do it in a way that’s scalable, [so] we’re not in the way and people can verify more facts about themselves and we don’t have to be the judge or imply any bias on our part.”

Jack Dorsey. C.E.O Twitter

The check mark was ‘invented’ to show that the person bearing the name is who he or she says is which acted as means a proof of authenticity but the general public has always viewed  it as a tool that sorts and gives special favours to verified accounts. In 2016 twitter opened the verification process to the general public where one could fill in a form and submit a reason why they should be verified but the process led Twitter into a frying pan when quiet a number of white supremacists accounts where verified in the process. Twitter later removed the badges and suspended a number of accounts.

Now the question is – will opening the verification to everyone sort the issue out? Will this have an impact on perhaps other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Which both have the same mechanisms of verification and sorting users?

Different colored Check marks

Twitter is also considering having different colors of the check mark to differentiate users depending on their field. For instance, Parody accounts will get a RED check mark. This will enable users and followers know who they are really following and what the account is about.

All this still needs to put in mind; Twitter should and must maintain itself as a free and open platform. Where people can express themselves freely without fear. To do that, Twitter will now verify anyone as long as they verify themselves through email and phone number. This is to cub bots and multiple accounts. Therefore you do not need to use your real name in order to get verified.

It is also important to note that twitter will have to increase it’s workforce in order to accommodate the million applications that will come on their way because of the demand for verification.